Day 3 11th April – Delta Works and Middleburg

With another busy day ahead we were up early again for breakfast (can’t get an enough of the fantastic selection on the buffet) as the tour to the to the impressive Delta Works which consisted of  a presentation, documentary film, exhibition and a visit inside one of  the piers. We drove through the quaint Veere a small village on the way to Delta works. 

The Delta plan came in to being after a tragic event on the the night of January 31 and February 1,1953. was a fateful one for the inhabitants of Zeeland on the coast of southern Holland. The combination of a hurricane with high spring tides caused hundreds of breaches in the dikes. so that over 100,000 acres of land were flooded. More than 1800 human lives were lost, and the damage in terms of material losses (including 200,000 homes) Following this catastrophic event the delta works was developed to ensure such a catastrophe never happens again. 

It was so interesting to see how the Dutch took control of their environs and with great ingenuity implemented this amazing plan to hold back the sea. 
The afternoon was filled with a talk from local ladies from Middleburg and then a guided walking tour through the historic Middleburg township. This was interesting and our guides were first class. We had three groups to suit all levels of fitness.  
Traditional  Group (Our chosen Group) This was the optimal  way to see the sights with all its features. Local guides giving us an in-depth presentation  and  answered all our questions along the way. We were able to keep up and still had time to take lots of photos of this charming old place.

The Essential Group took in the first part of the Traditional tour, with a brief introduction and basic background commentary. On a certain stage the guide dropped them off at a central location. Ideal for those who prefer to have more time on their own.
The Leisurely Group  – This walking tour was ideal for the gentle walkers, with a slower pace for those who wanted to take it easier. They didn’t miss out of the highlights but without the pressure of keeping up with the faster groups.
This was the case for most onshore tours and there were always at least two levels of walking tour.

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