Exploring our backyard – Sydney Australia

During these unprecedented times where all international travel is not just out of the question it is not even allowed. After putting myself on an international travel ban in 2019 to recharge the travel batteries COVID-19 dealt an unexpected blow to my significant international travel plans for 2020. What does one do? Wallow in disappointment and feel sorry for ourselves or think of other ways to build on our adventures just more of the ‘near’ and less of the ‘far’ adventures. Being a positive ‘make the most of it’ person it was straight into planning what travel this year could look like for us.

Sydney city was always just there and a place we slipped in to have dinner or a days shopping but never had the time to explore at a tourists pace. So out with Calgary Canada and in with Sydney Australia.

Not quite our Canada trip but looking forward to a few days in the city of Sydney. Time to explore the places we never have time to…and visit all our favourite eateries and add some new favourites. Booked in to the centrally located Hilton Hotel and charged up the opal cards and we were away for a few days of exploring our own backyard.

Our first morning was spent wandering around the botanical gardens before an amazing leisurely lunch at Bistecca all complimented with great wine chosen for us by the resident sommelier. This lunch from beginning when phones were locked in the pigeon hole to end with the most delicious house brewed coffee the whole experience was first class and brought back memories of our wonderful steak at Benjamin’s in New York City all those years ago.

Our second day was another fantastic day exploring our place. After quick train ride from Town Hall station to Milsons Point Station. Our day really got the day started with breakfast at Ripples at Milsons Point followed by a leisurely walk across the coat hanger (Harbour Bridge) before exploring the The Rocks area and all the QBV has to offer. Then ending our day with what could be the best Chinese food at China Doll at finger wharf Woolloomooloo. No wonder this is considered one of best city’s in the world.

Day three we managed to walk further than any other day while explored Darling Harbour and Barangaroo before a long lunch at one of our favourite places on the quay at Oyster Cove Bar . Nothing like oysters, beer and a couple of bloody marys for good measure. We were pleased that we didn’t have far to walk after lunch to catch the tram the three stops from Circular Quay to Queen Victoria Building (QVB) stop which was located in front of our hotel. It was afternoon off with a late coffee run and no dinner required.

Our last day in downtown Sydney just had to include a ferry ride to Watson Bay for a delicious seafood chowder and time for reflection on our ‘near adventure’ over lunch. Doyle’s on the Beach closed out our eat fest and we may spend next few weeks balancing out the scales again but boy oh boy it will be worth it.

Let hope the ‘far adventures’ can resume again next year in a safer world – in the mean time Australia has so much to offer if you can take the time to slow down and enjoy it. Tomorrow we farewell the centrally located Hilton Hotel (QVB tram stop out the front) I am sure we can sneak in one more baguette for breakfast at Metrople cafe in QBV building on way home. It might not have been the travel adventure I had planned for our Canadian trip to the Calgary Stampede but it sure was an adequate replacement. #canada2021 #adventuresnearandfar #wheretonext #northorsouthorwest #backtoreality #worktotravel

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