The Magical Wedding

In November 2018 we flew into Orlando for Chris and Sam’s wedding in the place where the magic is everywhere you look. Walt Disney World was the obviously wedding venue when the proposal took place in Disneyland a couple years ago.

This was a wonderful time at this 6 person wedding. No stress carefree day where everything was perfect for the best photos and making loads of memories.

After the newly weds jetted home we spent a week exploring parts of Florida we hadn’t seen before

Celebrated a memorable Thanksgiving lunch at Cracker Barrel. We weren’t the only ones it was a two hour wait to be seated even with a booking.

Edit: Little did we know that as we touched down in Sydney this would be our last overseas trip for over two years. Covid changed the world and how we travel. At one point I wondered if we would ever be able to travel again with any sort of freedom.

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