And away we go…

After taking self enforced break in 2019 from international travel (to take stock and reflect on 7 trips in previous 2 years). I like everyone I never dreamt of a world wide travel shut down and an upheaval that would change the world forever. Happy to say the Bromans (Emi’s family name for the Bowman’s and Browns) are all set to make a monumental memory making return to travel.

Planes trains automobiles and the odd cruise ship 15 people and 100s of hours planning. This will be epic.

In 2020 G’ma was all set for a Disney Cruise with the grandkids. So after couple push backs and additional grandchild we are on our way. Jack (2) will be taking his first OS trip.

Much to the chagrin of the grandkids all the parents are coming as well.

Look out Florida not since 2015 have we all been on one trip.

The logistics and planning are done so off we go Friday 9th Sept 22.

Thanks to Sarah Sam Chris Mark Elesha Charlie and Loryn for planning and booking everything. All I have done is plan a train trip from New Orleans to LA, one hotel and one flight LAX to Las Vegas for myself to meet back up with some of the crew.

Sam Chris and Sarah have me sorted for the rest which great enjoying not being chief planner and travel agent. Just pack my bag, docs and turn up to the airport on time.

Five families with the goal of one week together in Walt Disney World to recreate 2016 trip. Then each group heads off on other side trips meeting back up at various times during the month.

This will prob be last opportunity with the older grandkids about to embark on their own lives with Uni etc. It will be hard to corral everyone again so we are planning making this most of this opportunity

There has been a long count down (Brown gets the creative genius award) for creating the best count down tool for the kids (and Sarah lol)

Jack thinks seeing Mickey means turning on a screen. Wait until he see the mouse in person. Fun fact he is same age as Ollie was for the last ‘all in family’ trip.

Hawaii-Miami-Disney Cruise- Walt Disney World- Sunset Limited overnight train (2n) New Orleans to LA- Las Vegas-Home.

Feeling very grateful for time ‘way back when’ all I could do was dream about travel that I set about making it happen in my future.

and …. planted the travel bug in every member of the next two generations.

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