France in Earnest

After a leisurely breakfast in the hotel, we wandered over to catch the Open Bus Tours at stop 17 on the blue line. Which was only across the way from the hotel. Along with the subway which we will put to good use later in the trip. 

With the sun doing it’s best to peek through we set off to explore Paris. It was a little chilly when bus moving but otherwise the weather is fine and definitely not too cold. 

After couple hours on the blue line going around all the main sites we headed back to the room (stop 17) right near the hotel for a lunch of ham, tomato and cheese we purchased yesterday with a welcome cup tea me and coffee for mum. 

We added another layer and headed back out to do the red loop on the bus which takes in Moulin Rouge, Sacrae Cur Gard De Nord (main station, and where Eurostar leaves for London) again we stayed on board and listened to the commentary. Arrived back at the room again at 3:30pm decided too early for dinner so decided on a rest before dinner. Both slept again until too late for dinner so it was a non event but we were not hungry and had plenty of fruit etc. 

Paris and cruising the Siene

Next day dawned as check out day and we were due to catch a train to Rennes where we will pick up a car for the next week. After checking out and a very leisurely breakfast we set off to do a cruise on the Siene and visit Notre Dame. The cruise was great glad we started early on Paris terms as it got very busy later in the day. We did the full loop and gain a different perspective of many of the major sites from the river such as Louvre, Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower.

We left the boat at Notre Dame stop and wandered around the grounds. Decided against lining up in a very long line to go inside opted for a steak lunch instead of in a little place where we had eaten on a previous trip to Paris. It was good and the staff very friendly and helpful. After lunch it time to find the bus again and complete the green line and return to the hotel for the bags.

Our train was scheduled for 16:52 and we got a taxi to Montpasse station in plenty of time to allow for working out what we needed to do. Just as well, the whole place under renovation so took a bit to sort out where we needed to be. When the platform was announced we walked the length of the train (I swear we walked halfway to Rennes to find our carriage and seats.) managed to get the bags stored away and collapsed in the seat to enjoy/sleep 1h 30m trip. 

Looking forward to hitting the road and slowing down the pace for next week. Stayed the Mercure hotel near the station in Rennes. 

The road trip around France begins…

After restful night and dining in the room on the subway (located near the hotel). The day dawned car pick up day and our first Air BnB stay in Aucey-la-Plaine a small village about a 15-minute drive from Mont Saint Michel. A 20-minute taxi ride to collect the hire car. The airport is the only hire car location open on a Sunday it is also easier to start driving from somewhere on outskirts to allow time to adjust the car and being on the wrong side of the road. I have now driven a few thousand kilometres on opposite side of the road in USA and France previously so it comes pretty easily these days.   It didn’t take long and the only couple missed turns getting used to navigation system commands. GPS systems are not as exact as google maps which warns you ahead and then says turn here at the street name when you at the exact spot. The GPS says in 400-metre turn right and if there are two streets really close together never sure without looking at the screen if first or second street. Or at least mine does it is a couple years old now so probably outdated. 

It wasn’t long before we were in our way to Aucey-la-Plaine, we avoided the highways so took our time to travel the 64 kms to locate our 1st Air BnB. Once located we headed off to explore the area a bit and find something for lunch and some supplies for dinner before checking in. The nearest larger place was Pontorson which is about 10minutes from Aucey-la-Plaine they had a market day on and after a quick look we had lunch and went for a drive out past the Mont Saint Michel. The first glimpse is wow it just so large and stands out from everything. Just like the pictures, it is impressive from all angles. We decided to visit tomorrow afternoon and hoped the weather would be nice as our first day in the area. 

France it is then…

Didn’t make the hotel for the wifi for Japhite’s race but certainly had the taxi driver giving me peculiar looks when I started to cheer her on as she finished second which was fantastic. I didn’t mention I had my earpiece in so all of a sudden he had a mad woman urging on something or someone called Japhite without being able to hear the race lol. 

Our bags deposited at the hotel for out again for an activity to get us through to check in time. Walked to the Galleria Lafayette for coffee before visiting a supermarket for the makings of rolls and some fruit and cheese as we decided once we hit the room we didn’t want to leave again until tomorrow.

A rest before we truely begin our France trip 2018..

We slept most of the afternoon and night. I got some work done and watched the replay of the race again. We ate our sandwiches and we were all the better for the long rest. 

Singapore on the way to France

Trip dates 24th September to 15th October

Flight to Singapore 222 departed 3pm And right on time. The food was good lunch was served about an hour after taking off. Flew directly out over Alice Springs and Derby in WA. We were ahead of the setting sun for most of the flight.

In flight wifi available but quite expensive but lasts long enough to send a few messages and etc. Due to land in Singapore 8:50pm and have a transfer organised our hotel Jen Orchard


Not planning on any activities too early tomorrow. But hop on hop off booked for the 2 days.

Arrived a bit early and only two people ahead of us in customs. That is always a welcome sight and not always the case in customs anywhere.

Waited short awhile for our transfer. It was very good apart from the slight hiccup of the driver not taking us to the right Jen Hotel, apparently, the confusion happens all the time. A quick $7 10 minute taxi ride we were quickly checked in.  The hotel gave free access to executive lounge for the duration of our stay. Free breakfast, afternoon tea and evening drinks on the 19th floor.

Our room is 1202 and very well appointed, the bed will never be my Adjusta bed by it came very close.

A room service tea and coffee quick showers and be both slept like the proverbial logs



Our first day in Singapore off to a great start with a complimentary breakfast at the hotel. We stepped outside and after a short walk decide taxi to the main

Hop On Hop Off stop to redeem our vouchers was the order of the day. Very humid and a 20-minute walk wasn’t going to enhance our day.

The sunset city mall is enormous. They hand out guidebooks lol.


It didn’t take long to locate the Hippo Hop On Hop Off tour office. We board the yellow loop bus. This city is filled with greenery and green spaces like no other I have seen. The buildings are so interesting from the old to the new, they really take pride in designing them in such a way that each building has its ‘own thing’. Conveniently stop 17 was near our hotel time to recharge both our devices and ourselves. The 7 eleven next for a couple sandwiches and then nap time. Feeling somewhat refreshed it was back to stop 17 to continue on the yellow route back to Suntec city to swap to the red route for a look at little India and China town as well as my hotel the next time I come to visit the Marina Bay Hotel. Both Little India and Chinatown as beautifully maintained with the original buildings very well maintained and interesting


  • Singapore is very clean and organised
  • People aren’t rushing around, a sense of time to get things done.
  • Service is very friendly.
  • Cabs are spotless
  • Doesn’t have the loud noise of a big city
  • Heard one siren during whole stay – fire response vehicle
  • Shops – a shoppers paradise not sure if the prices stack up but the choices are beyond belief.
  • You would never starve- choices and good food everywhere
  • No powerlines above ground
  • Greenery everywhere you look and almost on every building

Day 2 Our last in Singapore – 26th September

Eased into the day with a sleep in and slowly start today due to the fact we don’t fly to Paris until a bit after midnight tonight.

Our breakfast was a very leisurely one before leaving the hotel we checked out the amazing rooftop pool and bar. I could have easily spent the rest of day right here. We had decided that today we would revisit the stops of interest on the yellow bus line, the Casino which was worth a look just to see so many people playing the tables so early in the day. The access to the casino from the hotel side of the road was via a sky bridge. It was six stories high and lined with trees and provided amazing views. The Casino was big and built in a circle with two public gaming floors and several private gaming rooms and classy looking restaurants on the floors above. The Marina Bay Sands hotel across the road was equally mind blowing up close. The price per night might have the same effect.

Back on the bus I did knock over a few emails, posted a couple horse reports and by then we were pulling into the Botanical gardens stop. It was all you could imagine from a rainforest garden. (One of only two Rainforest Botanical gardens in the world located in a city, Rio De Janeiro is the other). We visited the orchid garden which was a bit spectacular, how they maintain such a beautiful place all year round is beyond me. I can’t keep parsley and basil alive lately.


We were just about walked out by now so it was time to climb/crawl back on the bus for the final leg back to the hotel. We stopped off to have late lunch somewhere is bowels of the biggest shopping mall I have even been in with its two subway stops right in the mall along with 335 food and retail outlets. ION Orchard is recognised as one of the top shopping malls in Singapore.

We raised one last effort to walk back along Orchard Road to our hotel. The hotel on arrival Monday had gifted us with 3 days access to the club lounge where we will spend the next few hours before our car picks us up for the 13hr flight to Paris. We take off at 15 minutes after midnight (no curfew here) and land in Paris at 7:30am on the same day. Looking forward to a few 💤 on the flight.

Oh Singapore I will be back to explore some more. Still, have to get to races and have Chilli 🦀. Au revoir


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Two Excited Disney Mad Children, Two Disneyland’s, Two Countries in Ten Days

Sarah and Dan got a great deal on visiting Disneyland in both Shanghai and Tokyo and grandma got to tag along – she never needs to be asked twice. These are the kind of experiences I like to fill my life with I would rather create a memory then buy things any day of the week. The less you buy the more you can spend on making memories.

China Leg

Flight Qantas 129 A330-300  – Departed a few minutes late at 9:35am Great seat in row 57KJ DEF 2 3 2 configuration at the back of plane allows room to stand in the aisle while someone passes. Food was good chicken for lunch and beef and rice for dinner were my choices Kids were amazing never complained or asked once ‘how long now’? Emily and Daniel had several hours sleep and Ollie (so many movies too watch lol) got at least 2-hour nap during the flight. We landed just after 6:30 pm. Shanghai is two hours behind Australia so no jet lag. Customs was a very simple and easy process and given the number of people in the queue we were through very quickly. We are confident now that we could have entered through the 144-hour visa waiver line. We had obtained a visa in Sydney just to be on the safe side. We didn’t want to put Japan part of the trip at risk if we were turned back. After finding bags lapping around carousel 10 we spilled out into the throng people in arrivals. Our transfer driver spotted us quickly. The Donald Duck and made Mickey Mouse luggage might have been a give away or that we only fair people in the place. After a very comfortable 30 minute ride our hotel stood before us and was a welcome sight even though only 8pm were all ready for bed. IMG_8421 The hotel is amazing Toy Story theme from top to bottom including woody appearing in the lobby from time to time. Not sure how many rooms all built on figure eight design which makes getting around easy. The grounds were so peaceful and a great place for an early morning walkIMG_8918 We were up early for the day our first day in the park and on the first bus for early entry. Hotel guests get early entry access to the park which is really good as giving everyone a chance to get set before the masses pour in. Our first ride was xxx one of the best in the park for all ages. Then we were off to slinky dog for a mini roller coaster. Dan and Sarah then tackled Rex’s Racer which looks relatively tame but was more of a stomach churner than it appeared. Pirates ride was the next Emi didn’t like this much but Oliver loved it. Kept saying go again. The graphics were so real it felt like you right in the battle and on the galley rising up through the sea. We waited to meet Jack Sparrow and just got there right at the right time to beat the line. Jack spent ages talking to Ollie and Emi. Oliver just thought he was the best, everything was about Jack said this Jack said that for a long while afterward. After some bbq corn and yummy chicken sticks, it was time for the Fantasia show in front of the castle. The props and costumes were amazing and so well done. The kids were totally meresmised. Next, it was time for the parade we settled down in a spot to wait. Sarah and dan ducked off to do the seven dwarf ride. The parade was fun and the character loved Ollie and Emi in their hats. Everyone in the park loved them. The characters to cast members and the people who were always wanting to take their photos. After the parade found the hotdog stand and they were quite tasty buns a little hard, not soft like ours but filled a spot. Next, it was time for Ollie to hold court with all the Marvel characters especially Captain America. Kids love all the characters and love meeting them over and over. In meantime, Pluto and Goofy came walking out to do their stint. The waiting line was closed before we were finished with the ducks. So Ollie waited in the middle of Main Street and sure enough, when they were leaving Pluto spotted him took his hand and Emi with goofy to walked all the way back to the exit. It made Ollie’s day perfect and it was only 3pm with dinner at Cinderella’s table and fireworks to come.   IMG_8836       We headed back to Main Street to meet Donald and Daisy together.
    Before dinner, we decided to take the boat ride and the kids were delighted when the cast member loading the boats organised with our boat captain to let them steer – it didn’t seem to be something they were doing for others so kids felt a bit special – IMG_8861 No doubt their hats which caused a stir all over the park helped them secure this opportunity. They did a good job and we made it around safely.         Dinner in the castle was really good and the food was delicious the character spent ages with the kids and although tired the kids were still loving their Shanghai Disney day with another day to come.

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No rocking to sleep needed at night for anyone. Up and at ‘em early again to take advantage of early park access which is a part of being in the Disney hotel. Enter through. Special entrance before the park opens. Our second day was a bit of a blur for me but I know there were more character visits and slowly the book was filled with character signature on their page. Sarah had purchased a Disneyland storybook (A- Z of characters I think) and kids were getting each character to sign their page. Emily patiently waits for a long time to meet with Snow White and she was made feel very special. We had a shorter day today as kids were starting to get worn out so we decided on a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory which is located in the downtown Disney area before heading back to the hotel for a rest – well grandma and kids. dan and Sarah headed back for a night session to finish their Disney experience Dan called the Tron best Disney ride at any park he has visited. The kids day was complete a very tired Ollie walks into the hotel and who’s there no other than Woody. He suddenly found a second wind to do once last character visit before grandma took them to the hotel convenience store for a scratch up dinner. Next stop Tokyo This park is really amazing and I would recommend to anyone. So well done and very organised. Our car service Sun Transfers got us off to a great start and returned us to the airport with no fuss and worth every penny for peace of mind. Hotel staff we so helpful and we had no language issues. All in all, it was a brilliant experience mostly down to Sarah’s hours and hours of research and a great understanding of all things Disney which means she plans everything to get absolute best out of the park visit. Plenty of hidden gems if you do the research. Next stop Disneyland Tokyo Japan

Abilene to Los Angeles

usa-flight-2017-boys.pngDuration of this trip was from 28th November to 13th December so that we could take advantage of the boys’ early school break up to do one last overseas trip with them altogether

Leonie has been out for past month visiting her mother and took the opportunity to fly home with us. The purpose of this trip was to visit family in Abilene Texas so our grandsons could meet and reconnect with US family as well as experience a belated Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Leonie. We love our turkey day celebrations that is for sure!!

via Qantas QF7 (A380) Direct to Dallas great flight well looked after. Scott and Leonie were there to meet us. We picked up our Dodge Caravan hire car which was perfect for our needs.

Having previously had this type of vehicle in LA with four adults and two children on that occasion. So this time it was perfect for three teens and the grandparents (us) for our planned road trip to Los Angeles.

Beautiful West Texas Sunset

Headed West

In no time at all, we were away on our way to Abilene (2.5 hours west Dallas Fort Worth)

The first stop unanimously voted on as Cracker Barrell at Weatherford where we meet Scott and Leonie for dinner. Everything was up to its usual standard and the boys reminiscing about previous visits on their last trip.

After eight days in Abilene which included a couple days back up in Dallas/FortWorth where we did the JFK tour and visited the Fort Worth Stockyards before catching up with more family for dinner and movies.

A highlight of the stay in Abilene was the opportunity to watch a high school playoff game in the new Abilene Christian University (ACU) Stadium. It was amazing the Graham Steers were playing the Sweetwater Mustangs. Scott’s sister Stephanie teaches at Graham High and the rest of Scott’s family live in Graham, Texas so we happy to hop aboard the bandwagon and become steers supporters for the night.

Our Abilene stay included lots of good food at places like Perini ranch and BBQ brisket and a visit to Sonic which intrigued the boys no end having their orders served to the car window.


A highlight was a visit to the Abilene Heritage centre which provided a fantastic insight to Abilene down through history, the boys loved this and spent hours exploring and watching the shows and reading stories.


Soon it was time to hit the road towards Los Angeles taking in El Paso, White Sands National Monument the Santa Rosa Blue Hole and some of Route 66. It was pretty cold and miserable and wet when we set off but we made good time to be at the border for our first night. I always wanted to drive west of Abilene and keep going. Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 11.11.53 am.png

Alberque was our next overnight stop where we ate at the Standard Diner before settling in for the night at another LaQuinta Hotel. These hotels are great budget rooms when traveling and the complimentary continental breakfasts come in handy as well.


The next stop along the way was at the historic El Ranch Hotel the historic El Rancho Hotel provides a unique Southwest Experience in the midst of the American West.  The El Rancho Hotel is a pillar of the West and was the Home of the Movie Stars throughout the 1930s to 1940s who filmed Westerns in the area.

Back on the road to our last overnight stop at the La Quinta Inn & Suites Kingman Arizona before arriving in Los Angeles.Dinner was at yet another diner, this one had not changed a thing in 50 years, Rutherford’s 66 Diner  2011 E Andy Devine AveKingman. 

We hit the road early the next morning and ready ourselves to handle the LA traffic. As I have driven in LA peak hour(s) a number of times before we thought we endeavour to get there before the peak.


We achieved this and had a good run into Hilton at Universal and checked in about 2pm.

Ian and I returned the car to the closest car hire which was at the Bob Hope airport. We took a taxi back to the Hilton and settled in for our final few days. It is always a relief to get rid of the car’s unscathed. The Hilton is the perfect location for everyone to do their own thing and for the boys to explore all that universal and the CityWalk where everyone could do their own thing. The grandparents could get a bit of a break and relax in the hotel before a full day at universal and our flight home.

We used a great car service Lansky Transfers (used previously when in LA) to collect us from the hotel and get us to LAX in plenty of time to check in and board QF12 for the flight home. Very reliable and no fuss, takes all the stress out of getting to the airport that is for sure.



This trip goes down in the archives as another successful travel experience with the boys we love being able to broaden their horizons. We like to spend their inhertiance on having great adventures and experiences with us not on us after we are gone.

13th December Flew home on QF12 from LAX

Two of the most beautiful parts of the world!

P1040720.jpgWhistler  3rd and 4th October and Victoria, Vancouver Island 5th to 8th October 2017

Always wanted to see Whistler after Sarah travelled there 10 years ago to work for 6months in the ski season. He description and love of the place did not disappoint in any way shape or form. It is such pretty place and I can only imagine what it would be like to visit at the height of the season. No wonder Sarah fell in love with the place and she was staying in a hostel not the opulent Fairmount like we were. I could have just absorbed the hotel for the two days, so much to experience without leaving the place.  We did wander down and caught a local bus who kindly told us if we stayed on the bus we could take in his whole run up to other parts of the mountain. He said he was the number bus driver which he was as he shared so much information about the whole area while we communicated with the locals. He dropped us back to Whistler village where we did some shopping, tried poutine in Sarah’s favourite pub before catching the hotel shuttle back to the hotel for a spell, both getting tired now. Whistler you are so pretty can’t wait to come back someday soon.

The pictures won’t do the place justice but have to share just the same

After our final leg back into Vancouver and saying goodbye to new friends and the most comfortable train I will ever travel on we headed back to Vancouver by shuttle and check back into No 1 Canada Bay for the night.

The next morning we up early so as to not miss our pick up and transfer to the coach that was taking us to Vancouver Island via the BC Ferry.  A bit of waiting around but eventually we were on the coach from the train station and headed to the ferry terminal.  It never ceases to amaze me how many vehicles including large semi-trailers and buses can go on one ferry.  We were soon up on deck enjoying a coffee and a look around before settling back to enjoy the 2-hour long ride. Disembarking was as smooth as embarking all on the bus, wait our turn and off the ferry and on our way in no time.  The drop off point was just behind our hotel for the next two night, the worldly and magnificent Fairmount Empress Hotel. It is the only place to stay when enjoying such a beautiful place as Vancouver Island.  After choosing the longest and most stairs to access the hotel we were eventually checked in and had booked our day trip to Burchart gardens for the next day.  We decided on a walk around after resting up for a while and explored the main shopping area and found a good pub for a meal before heading back for an early night.

We decided on a good breakfast in the hotel before heading out to the front of our hotel to pick up our tour bus for the day trip to the Butchart Gardens.

I am not going to say much about the gardens and let the pictures speak for themselves but seriously if there is an opportunity to visit do so as it worth the time and money and will go down as a highlight for this trip for sure.

We decided to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner in the hotel restaurant as the last dinner in Canada for this trip. It was delicious and we really savoured every moment of the whole dining experience, the surroundings, the food and the excellent service.

Time to go and reorganise the bags for our return to Australia. The next morning we stayed in the room until check out before cloaking our bags with the hotel. We decided to the hop on hop off bus for a couple hours to fill in the day and have a good look around  Victoria. This took us a couple hours and the commentary provided insight into some the history and interesting places within the city. After making our way back to the hotel we still had a couple hours to kill so settled in to the bar and with a couple Pimms, our flight was a late one from Vancouver but we did need to be on our ferry connector bus at 4pm to start the crossing back to the mainland and to the airport.

Last drinks – Pimms

As always it is a relief to get checked in at the airport and get to the gate heading home, another trip with no missed connections, incidents and no one getting sick is always a blessing.  Slept most of the way home as per my usual go on plane watch couple movies eat then sleep the rest of the flight. That is trip 3 of 4 overseas trips for this year. Definitely going to take a break next year maybe just one or two at most.


Another amazing trip draws to a close – Oh Canada we have hardly scratched the surface so we will be back…

So many more photos – no time to share them

A glimpse of the highlights..




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