Day 2 10th April – Keukenhof Gardens & the windmills of Kinderdijk

Up and at ‘em early so we could enjoy the extensive breakfast, this was going to be just the kick start we need each day before heading onshore for various tours. 

Todays adventure and the main reason for our whole trip was a visit to see all the tulips and flowers of Keukenhof Gardens and the windmills of Kinderdijk.

Our half day visit to the Keukenhof Gardens was spectacular and certainly a must do for anyone visiting this part of the world in Spring. You just can’t describe the the brilliance and the perfume of
this famous Dutch Flower Exhibition.  

We decided to stay longer in the Keukenhof  Gardens rather than return to ship for lunch. At 2pm the bus returned for us and we set out for Kinderdijk for our sightseeing at the windmills.

The local guides will walked us from the ship to the windmill site of Kinderdijk where we have  a guided visit of a windmill and a pumping station. 

After yet another can’t believe they just get better dinners we crawled off to bed. Success we saw the garden in all its glory and the weather really allowed us to see the most beautiful garden I have ever visited.

During the night we sailed through Noord. Nieuw e Maas, Oude Maas, Dordste Kil, Hollansch Diep, Volkerak, Krammer, Krabbenkreek, Mastgat,  Oosterschelde,  Veerse Meer, Walcheren Canal.

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