First full day cruising on Skorpios III

After and reasonably restful night for most and not so good for some we gathering in the dining room for breakfast. 

It was adequate without being lavish and most people seemed to enjoy.

Not long after breakfast we arrived at the Amalia Glacier, with panoramic views from the ship. 

Then with everyone all bundled up it was into the small boats for a short ride to a nearby beach, hiking through the beach to viewpoint at the Amalia Glacier face. 

This was our first of many up close experiences with a glacier. it was amazing and we all felt so far from anywhere. Getting the group photos proved a little problematic but it was eventually taken with the beautiful Amalia Glacier as a backdrop.  

We spent plenty of time just soaking in this amazing once in a lifetime experience watching the ice towers fall into the water. Well hearing then seeing the last of the ice disappearing below the surface with a splash, By time you hear the sound the ice has already fallen. 

After lunch we arrived at the El Brujo Glacier and it back in the small boat to stand on nearby rock for closer view of the glacier. 

Later in the day we arrived at the Calvo Fjord, for an excursion on the ‘ Capitan Constantino’ icebreaker appropriate to navigate between the ice. We visited the Fernando, Captain Constantino and Alipio glaciers, among others. During this cruise the crew prepared us all scotch on the rock using 3000 year old ice from glacier this sure warmed us up and the souvenir glass was a nice touch. 

Back on board before sailing towards Montanas Fjord while we had pre dinner pisco sours and dinner.

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