Tour Milodon Caves and Boarding Patagonia Cruise

Tour Milodon Caves

After our final breakfast at Hotel Rio Serrano in Torres del Paine before boarding the bus for the ride back to Puerto Natales via the Milodon caves.

The Natural Monument Milodon Cave is a natural monument formed by three caves in the southern zone of Chile , where they were found remains of milodones , mammalian herbivores large that became extinct, probably in the late Pleistocene .

The monument is located 24 kilometers north of Puerto Natales . Of the three caves, the largest and most important is located 150m and is 30 m high, 80 m wide and 200 m deep.

After a spot of souvenir shopping it was on the bus for the last 20 kms into Puerto Natales. 

Boarding Patagonia Cruise

We had a few hours to fill in before boarding the Skorpios III our home for the next three nights. Most people managed to find something for lunch and even achieved some shopping before the shops closed for siesta.  

Thank you Robbie Barrett
Around 2.30pm everyone had gathered in the main square to board bus before the very short trip to our ship. 
Our cabins
All aboard at 3pm with the allocation of cabins and quick safety briefing. We met in the bar and raised a glass for a safe cruise with the champagne that Robbie Barrett had organised for each cabin. This was a nice gesture and kicked off the cruise in fine style.
At 5pm it was time for tea, a good thing because dinner is served at 9pm every night.
Dinner was next on the agenda and proved popular with a starter of king crab, beef and mushroom sauce creme’ brûlée all washed down with a few very nice chilean wines. 

A few kicked on for awhile is the bar but most turned in early as the ship got underway. 

Sailing through Angostura Kirke, Morla, Vinuna, Unioun, Collingwood and Sarmiento channels.

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