A very wet and very windy day cruising

Each morning the dolphins escorted and played in the water at the bow of the boat. 

During breakfast we arrived a the Montanas Fjord, from where the four glaciers can be viewed as they slide down the Sarmiento mountains to the sea. 

At 9.30am everyone donned additional layers before braving very wet and icy conditions to visit the Alsina Glacier, excursion on boats to explore the small bay and its glacier, and the enormous mountains surrounding. 

At 10.30am the braves souls returned to the Skorpios III to the boat wet and cold and were quickly wrapping their hands around something warm, coffee and hot chocolate proved popular. We continued sailing Montanas Fjord to Bernal Glacier 

11.15am The numbers had dwindled considerable at next disembarkation point in the glacier and hike in small native forest. 

After that, it was intended that walk across a small pathway (unfortunately due to the rain and warm weather of recent days the path was under water), so there was no was crossing to a small glacier hiking to the face of the glacier. 

Here everyone could appreciate and feel the iceberg and admire the melting ice stage.


12.45am Returned to the ship which will be in the fresh-water supply phase getting from a natural cascade. This water is used for the services on board.

Lunch was welcome soup was first course and it the spot.

Most people rested up during the evening

The day concluded with the Captains dinner where our crew dance the night away and Henry and Christine taking the captain and his mother for a turn around the floor.

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