Visit to Horse Guard and Afternoon Tea Bus

Another sensational day on what is fast becoming one of our most memorable overseas trips.All our plans and my research has paid off by providing us with some really rewarding and memorable experiences.

Today’s planned activity was a visit to the Horse guards and watch the changing of the guard followed by some exploring around the city centre and a decadent afternoon tea aboard an old double decker red bus while making our way around London.

We started off by catching the tube from Euston to Charing Cross station using our trusty oyster cards for the fares. We headed to horse guard row to find the Horse Guard parade ground, this was only a short walk from Trafalgar Square and we arrived in time to see the first guard change at 10am. The main changing of the guard was at 11am so we positioned ourselves in a prime viewing spot that no-one could edge in front obstruct our view.

Right on 11am the guards prepared for the change in the parade ring and it wasn’t long before I could hear the other guard coming from Buckingham Palace to make the change. This was really worth seeing and I loved all the pomp and ceremony and I keep thinking that this takes place every day rain hail or shine and has done forever in a day.

After the changing of the guard we headed down to the Thames via No 10 for a walk along the river towards Big Ben and back around to Trafalgar Square where we thankfully found a coffee shop where we could just sit for awhile before we boarded out afternoon tea bus from across the street.

I had originally planned to go to the Dorchester for afternoon tea during this trip bus was glad to come across this option for afternoon tea on the move.

What can I say every morsel of food was delicious and the company of the two french attendants was great fun and interesting. We were lucky to have the whole bottom of the bus to ourselves. 

I had booked the bottom as I thought the top would be popular and felt we could see just as much from the bottom. This turned out to be brilliant as we had our very own frenchman to look after our every need and entertain us with stories of france and pointing out the sights along the way.

This is certainly going to stick my memory for a long time, the boys packed us up a doggy bag of sweet treats which was very kind of them.


After we left the bus it was back on the tube for the ride home and ready ourselves for early check out and train ride to Amsterdam.  Another great day draws to a close..



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