Hyde Park and Harrods

Wandering around London…

I know a couple lads that
could give this challenge a shake

After a bit of a rest we set off for a day’s walking around London.

Our aim was to walk to Harrods via Hyde Park and back to Paddington. We walked ourselves almost to a standstill but we saw so much and really got to experience this city from the ground.

First port of call was the Pride of Paddington near Paddington station for a pub breakfast, poached eggs for Ian and I went with my favourite eggs royal. The evidence that the Rugby world cup is on was everywhere with lots of people from all around the world doing the same as us, having a late breakfast..

Peter Pan Statue

Chris Bowman Transport – new run about 

It was only about a 10 minute walk before we arrived at Hyde Park, we entered at the Marlborough gate near the Italian pools and walked all the way along the serpentine past the Peter Pan statue with a brief stop at Princess Diana’s memorial fountain.

After about an hour walking through the parked we popped out at Knightsbridge just a 10 minute walk from Harrods.

Diana’s Memorial Fountain

A couple hours spent browsing around Harrods and purchases for the littlest grandchildren completed we found the icecream bar and succumbed to a strawberry sundae and a chocolate milkshake (both shared).

Lego of Harrods

Love Harrods for its opulence and style but for goodness sake turn the bloody heating down, I have been here twice now and sweltered each time.

Both times have left gasping for fresh air and probably leaving sooner than I would have it it was not so hot. It is like a shops in USA always way overheated even on a warm day.

All lego amazing and hours of work

Checking out the range in the spirits room

We headed back towards Park Lane and around to Marble Arch where we dropped into Marks and Spencer for a couple minor purchases, again over heated and enough to drive anyone outside again.

With our legs in need of relief and we headed home after a sensational day of getting to know London, walking is the one true way of getting one’s bearings and seeing so much that could be missed otherwise.

A welcome shared Sundae
before leaving Harrods

Allowing plenty of time to wander along and look at the various sights is a perfect way to see this city. All in all we walked just over 8kms (5 miles) and our legs were complaining as we headed to a nearby supermarket to pick up a sandwich and drink for our dinner. Sleep came easy…

The sun setting on another perfect day in London

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