Day 2 – Up and at ’em

We started the day with a breakfast to please all. The hotel had a complete buffet breakfast with everything one could possibly want to kick off the day. 

Our party grazed their way through the offerings at various times between 6.30am and 9am. Daniel Chang from AWI (Australian Wool Innovations) meet us in the foyer and we piled on the bus for 45 minute ride to the Love +Hope Textile factory. 
A lot of these types of manufacturing businesses have been priced out of Hong Kong and have moved to mainland China. This business is considered high-end manufacturing that work with a number of well-known brand names. Their model is one of excellence and high-end manufacturing. 

They employ around 60 staff and take garments from end to end. All the growers really enjoyed this visit, it was great to be able to get so close to each stage of the processing and asking lots of questions. Johanna and Ark were very generous with their time and answered all our questions.  

After the factory tour we headed back to the hotel for a dim sum lunch. This was fantastic and Brenda from AWI joined us and helped us navigate our way through all the dishes the just kept coming. It was voted a real highlight by all of us.
After lunch we head to the AWI office for a presentation on what Brenda and Daniel do to promote the qualities of wool with manufacturing in mainland China and around the world.  They were so enthusiastic and demonstrated a great knowledge of the merino product and showed many innovations they are working on to encourage a greater use of wool in manufacturing.
After a couple hours as guests of AWI Hong Kong we walk a short distance to the Polytechnic University where we were taken right through all the various training rooms. Every graduate of this university has to learn how to use all Legacies & Innovations: Cheongsam Exhibition before it opened to the public, the garments produced by students and staff for this display were not be out of place on any fashion runway in the world.

machinery and technics for using textiles before they graduate. Our AWI host both graduated from this university and are testament to what a good university it is. Students can access the uni 24hours day to work on projects and assignment. Our group was lucky enough to see the garments on display for the

On leaving the university most of the girl

s and a few brave lads set of on a shopping expedition with Brenda, the rest of us skedaddled back to the hotel for a quick kip and tidy up before joining the other a restaurant on the waterfront selected for us by Daniel. About 20 minute walk down past the famous Peninsular Hotel we arrived at the restaurant and the other were ready and waiting.

Fish Swim Bladder and Mushrooms 
The laughter and frivolity became. Daniel was charged with the responsibility of ordering beers and dinner. 
The ranges of dishes was extensive it included crabmeat balls in toasted almond (dish of the night for me), sharks fin soup (Sharpy had 2 bowls, he could have had another 16 if he wanted), scallops and some unidentifiable shellfish, suckling pig without the pig, just the crackling, steamed whole grouper, fish swim bladder and mushrooms (tried it but awful), rice, red bean soup(dessert, awful) and steamed bums buns with bean paste (they looked like the latter and caused righteous behaviour at both tables). 
The interesting fact was that both tables like and dislike the same dishes which just goes to should our palates are all very similar. Daniel was the best host anyone could ask for all on his own time and as he was due to fly to mainland China early the following morning it was so well above and beyond. 

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