Day 3 – Fly Guilin and Dinner

Things you can find in supermarker

After another great brekkie some of the party took a quick trip to the main island on the star ferry, to say they had been there. Time was short, as we needed to check out and be on the bus by 11am. The rest of us just wandered around the mall near hotel and check email and caught up with other chores

David (Jai) National Guide Wendy Wu
Dragon Air Flight Routes

Our uneventful 70-minute flight on Dragon Air to Guilin on a near empty plane was a nice breather for us all.

On arrival our national and local guide from Wendy Wu tours met us at arrival at the Guilin Airport. Kevin and David, David stays with us the entire time we are in China and Kevin will be our local guide for Guilin. We will have a different local guide for each location. 
The bus ride from the airport gave our first glimpse of the real China. We were all excited and looking forward to tour getting underway for real.

We arrived and checked into the hotel by 4.45pm and quickly got our bags to the rooms and set off to dinner in downtown Guilin. 
Dinner was more like Chinese from home apart from the snake wine which only the very brave tried but tomorrow we will hit the more traditional food.

The brave had a taste of this

Everyone pretty tired so all had turned in by 8.30pm. Tomorrow we hike to the rice terraces at Longji

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