Dublin to Waterford…Ferry from Rosslare to Fishguard

Dublin to Waterford…Ferry from Rosslare to Fishguard

Day 16 31st March 2008

Up early to call home via skype managed to speak with Charlie, Sarah and Mark.

Unable to get Chris but sent him a text and will try him again tomorrow. Though he was the one that called me in the middle of the night (our time) for a chat . When I said it was 1 am he said ‘Oh that’s right forgot you were away” good to know I am missed at home.  I bet Maxie misses me.

Though even he is probably quite content with Charlie cooking enough food for both of them, so
much for the rations I left.

We set off for Waterford after a very comfortable night (Clarion outside Dublin I highly recommend it) and did I mention they have the best seafood chowder I have ever eaten.

The drive to Waterford was good and the roads were not too busy.

We arrived at Waterford in time for lunch and a look around the town centre before heading to the Waterford Crystal factory. The tour was interesting and we saw some lovely crystal.

I was surprised to learn that all sporting trophies they make ie Wimbledon they actually make three of the same for each event. One is catalogued and added to the Waterford Collection as a record and the other two are sent to the event for presentation.

One for the eventual winner and the other in case disaster strikes.  

The unused trophy is returned to Waterford for display. An engraver from the factory fly’s first class to the event and is ready to finalise the trophy as soon as the event is won. A different engraver is selected to attend each time. The craft takes a long time to master whether it be a glass blower (8 yrs), a cutter (8 Yrs)or an engraver (10 Yrs).

After the tour we had a coffee before setting off to Rosslare to board the ferry. We decided to catch the ferry across at night as it takes 4 hours.

We boarded at 8.15 pm for a 9.15pm departure. The lounge is very comfortable and I have ordered beef pie for dinner .

We should disembark at 1am in Fishguard if all goes to plan we will drive through to Padstow by morning.

The irony is that we will have been to Wales and not seen any of it.

This all we have seen of Wales
despite driving across it

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