The Giants Causeway and Southward Journey to Eniskillan

We decided to have a bit of a rest this morning and didn’t have breakfast until 9am.

Called everyone at home via Skype (only way to go with wifi access) or least those we could. After breakfast we set off to find the Giant’s Causeway in our first wet day. It was showering when we arrived at the causeway but it stopped raining for the time we were actually down at the causeway.

Not good for pictures but never the less it was well worth seeing.

After a spot of shopping in the gift shop (grandma at it again) we set off south via Londonderry and wound up for the night at Fort Lodge Hotel in Eniskillan. Hotel is very comfortable but we are all gasping, as with everywhere else we have stayed the heating is up very high.

It was the same in America all the hotels and stores are overheated. At least we can open the window in the room.

We had a very nice dinner in the bar and Ian had a couple of Guinness’s. Tomorrow we head to Limerick

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