Limerick to Killarney via Cliffs of Mohor

Limerick to Killarney via Cliffs of Mohor

Day 15 28th March 2008

We set off in the pouring rain to find the Cliffs of Mohor. After about an hour and half drive on very windy narrow roads, we arrived.

The rain stopped but the wind was blowing very hard. After to parking we braved the weather to walk to the top and it was worth the walk.
The views were spectacular and we managed to escape back to the restaurant just before the rain came down again and the Americans arrived on the buses.

After coffee and a sandwich we set off in search of the ferry across the Shannon. After more narrow roads we found the crossing and paid our €17 and had a very pleasant ride across the mighty Shannon (about 20mins on board) stayed in the car too cold and wet.

We head back to Adare where there were thatched cottages, very busy little place didn’t stop just took pictures and headed south to Killarney. This was a much better road which the driver appreciated. Arrived in Killarney at 4pm booked into Foleys Lodge in the centre of town after a few minor electrical problems in first room, we were settled into a very comfortable room and set out for a walk before dinner.

Shops were open until 9pm but we didn’t stay out long, caught in a small hail shower that appeared from nowhere. We decided to head back for an early dinner.

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