Ring of Kerry and headed towards Kildare

Ring of Kerry and headed towards Kildare

Day 14 29th March 2008

Today we set out to drive around the ring of Kerry which was a spectacular drive and would have been better if the sun was shining all day.

The 112 miles was very slow driving and took most of the day with a couple of stops for photo ops.

We stopped of to see ruined fort which meant a 6 mile drive along a one lane road and yes it was a pile of stones stacked on one another to form a circle and sheep grazing around the outside (highlight of Ian’s trip so far).

Yep that’s the fort

We rejoined the main road to continue our journey. “The seas were angry that day my friends“. Seriously the it was amazing to see the sea crash into the cliffs so hard and the spray was going for miles.

Mum and Ian looking
as cold as it was

Back on the road to cork we set off for a far as we could towards Kildare via the Blarney Castle.

The didn’t seem to mind the cold wind

Blarney Castle 

We spent ages here just walking around the gardens and through the castle.

No one interested in kissing the the blarney stone.

This was a good stopover, unfortunately Blarney house and garden only opens in the summer. We ended up staying in a very nice Inn called the Corbett Court just past Fermoy.

Excellent room (big enough for a whole family to live in) great meals once again but it is hard to keep up with the eating I am down to soup and roll for dinner and only breakfast in the mornings, nothing else during the day.

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