Our fourth day in London.

Today we set our sights on seeing Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, Wellington Arch and Winston Churchill Museum/War Cabinet Rooms returning to hotel early afternoon for a rest.

Caught the underground from Earls Court to Hyde Park Corner walking around Wellington Arch gave a sense of its actual size. Walked to Buckingham Palace and watched people arriving for a reception. We set off around the corner to Royal Mews.

They were due to open at 11.00am so it was coffee time while we waited the 30 minutes until opening. We enjoyed this tour but it was a bit disappointing there were only two token horses in residence and no real activities taking place.

I expected it would be business as usual with the usual work taking place of any stable with training, cleaning gear, doing boxes and preparing horses for the day. There was just a display of the various carriages and their history.

Bad timing on our part the Australian Coach (John did a lot of the leatherwork) was on official State duties carting the French President around at Windsor. We were disappointed not to see this in its home but may try and come back on our last day before we fly out.

After the mews we headed for the War Cabinet Rooms via Westminster Abby, we didn’t go in but walked through the grounds.

The War Cabinet Rooms were very interesting and I really enjoyed seeing and listening to the commentary. Churchill’s Museum was also interesting they have collected so much information and memorabilia this man who started as a war correspondent then becoming Prime Minister who saw England through World War II. After the museum we headed for the Westminster Tube station and home.

Stopped for the best pizza at little place near Earl’s court tube station. Home for arrest by 3.30pm. May not be able to post anything for a few days depending on Internet access as we travel.

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