Day five and last day in London

Looking over the spoils
Our Home in London
Best Western Earl’s Court

This is our last day in London as we leave tomorrow and head for Scotland.

With reports of snow and holiday traffic this will prove interesting.

The View from the Eye

After breakfast we set out on the No 74 bus to Harrods. We spent the next 4 hours browsing around. My favourite part was as usual the food halls. If it is edible it was there. After returning to the room for a short break we set out in drizzling rain to catch the tube to the London Eye, we were booked to take a ride at 4pm.

How good is the underground? It leaves City Rail for dead on every count (Sorry Mark but it does). We alighted at Waterloo station and the eye was a short walk away. I quickly retrieved our tickets at the voucher exchange desk and in a matter of minutes we were boarding.

Even on a dull showery day it was worth it. I loved being up at that height but Sharpie waited until we were almost up the top to tell me he doesn’t like heights much. He spent the whole ride sitting very quietly on the seat in the middle of the pod. I don’t think he was too keen on me leaning right over near the glass to see how high we were.

After our half an hour ride at less than walking pace we left our pod to return to terra firma. Back to Waterloo station and home, stopping off at the Italian restaurant we ate at few days ago for dinner. Today was a good day and not too tiring. We were still early to bed but not ridiculously so like yesterday.

We will be offline for next few days will post again when I next have access. Happy Easter!!!!!

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