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Always being the opportunist…

For someone who never lets a chance (to travel) go by, I am feeling very fortunate to be able to accompany brother John on his first of what I hope are many trips to England France and beyond.

A bit of background, John has been invited to travel to France and meet a friend/client to watch his cycle team in the Tour de France. An opportunity to watch the finish of the race with the team owner is once in a lifetime experience that we can both bore the grandchildren with in the future. John decided this was his chance to see some of the tanneries and saddleries in England and France while there. John was traveling alone and I jumped at the chance to travel with him and smooth out some of the uncertainties that first-time travelers face.

Driving Plan England

Our itinerary

    • Flying into Heathrow collect our car and head to Devon to visit tannery.
    • Return to Gatwick and fly to Bordeaux France
    • Collect car number two and set off for a few days free wheeling in the French countryside trying to see as many saddleries and tanneries as we can
    • Train it to Paris from Bordeaux
    • Explore Paris
Driving Plan France
  • Watch the race before heading back to England on the Eurostar
  • Head north this time and explore again more saddleries and tanneries before heading back to London
  • If time permits check out a few London sights
  • Fly home Heathrow to Sydney

A whirlwind trip but it will be so worthwhile and hopefully John will be able to come back with his family to explore at a more leisurely pace next time.

Next post will cover our Flights and Devon (tannery) experience…

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