Moving Day and some Blog Lovin’

Please hang in there while I freshen things up around here.animal-1298962_640

Today I decided it was time to get a little more serious about my blog. With my regular readers and followers slowly growing and with another 3 overseas trips scheduled this year it was time to show my trusty blog some love. This blog now so many memories of our travels it has become very important that I continue maintain to help me remember the great experiences and travel opportunities I have been so fortunate to have in lifetime…I am not done yet by a long shot.

Status:  Today migrated blog from trusty blogger which has served me well but lacks some of the pizzaz I am looking for to freshen things up. Also looking for a platform that is easy to update while travelling to reduce the times I have catch up when I get home (always looses something with time)

Aim: To have new look blog up, running and ready for trip to England and France on the 16th July.

Already loving the ease of updating WordPress site









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