My first visit to inland Victoria – Echuca and Bendigo

Up river from Echuca wharf
With a couple days off from work I decided to head to Bendigo with Sharpie to attend the Australian Sheep and Fleece Show.
We decided that we would overnight in Echuca and found staying at the Mercure hotel a pleasant experience. The rooms are older but very clean and being older meant we had oodles of space. The staff were extremely welcoming and made us feel right at home. 
Before dinner we took a spin around town for a quick look at this historic port look at option for dinners in the end we decided take up Marcus’ (front desk) invitation to dine in house at the restaurant. This was the right thing to do 


Up early for a simple but tasty breakfast at the Beechworth bakery before having a look around this historic town. It is quite touristy these days but you can still imagine and almost hear the bullock drays and paddle steamers loading and unloading cargo.

We set off for the 1hour bit drive to Bendigo and checked into our fun hotel for the next two nights. I found a great deal at the Art Schaller Series Hotel which is the most interesting and fun hotel I have ever stayed in. We knew we were going to enjoy our visit to Bendigo.

The now time to find the real purpose for our visit, the Australian Sheep and Fleece Show, one of the biggest in the country and features many different breed of sheep and all the bi products of these animals.

The craft pavilions were packed with everything from spinning, weaving and all craft activities related to natural fibres. Visitors came by the bus load from Melbourne for this side of the show. I made a few small purchases of leather gloves and ear muffs ready for our trip later in the year. Loving my new ox blood leather gloves and cant wait to find an opportunity to where them. Our interest was with the merinos of which there were plenty to look at along with more than 500 fleeces in fleece judging competition. Sharp was delighted one of clients took out a broad ribbon in the commercial fleece section.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time and it was really worth the visit to this annual event. Sunday was spent driving the eight hours home, we hit the rain that Sydney had been having all weekend at about Holborn and were really please to roll into the garage ready to for a full work week tomorrow.

Our next trip will be to outback of NSW Brewarrina Field Day

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