Day 13 – One Bus Three Mills Twelve Hours – what a day…

Up early and on board the bus for a big day or the road visiting a scouring, a top making and a weaving mill. Each of these mills proved very interesting in their own way. The bus ride to the first mill gave those feeling a little weary some extra zzz before we arrived.

Some of the group were suffering from heavy colds and bravely battled on to see the very reason we were all in China, the mills.

The mill owners and all the mill staff were very gracious with their time and gave ample opportunity to get up close to their business. There is no way we would have been allow to see these processes if in Australia, no yellow lines and catwalks to stay on here.

The mills owners seemed genuinely happy to have woolgrowers visiting them and showing interest in their business.

The owner of Australian Harvest mills gave us over an hour of his time in the board room telling us about his business and answering questions form our group.

Australian wool is seen very much as the premium wool in the world but the Chinese still would like to buy our wool cheaper. Plenty of questions were asked and answered on both sides and it was interesting exercise to do this through an interrupter.

The Australian Harvest Mill, which has a strong alliance Australia, provided lunch and the fare was authentically chinese and this was enjoyed but we are all getting over the cuisine. 

After fantastic few hours at Harvest we headed to the final mill of the day which was a spinning and weaving mill. It was interesting to see such mechanisation up close and the volume of product they move through the mill in a single day. 

Up close 

This mill was surrounded by the homes (blocks of units)  of the workers and there were lots of children wandering in and around the mill yard, again no chance of that here. 

It was a very quiet ride home in the bus with most passengers sleeping and those that remained awake were able to witness the skill of our driver in very heavy peak hour traffic.

Henry with finished product – heavy too

A quick meal at Holly’s Place (owner, Benny just back from studying in Sydney since he was six) burgers all around for dinner and everyone turned in all feeling very tired. Free day tomorrow!!!

Couldn’t help himself

Neither could he…one for the pool room –
Photo with the security guard

The group shot
Very excited with ‘the gift’

So ‘How does this work again?…

The end result…..

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