Day 12 – Our first mill, Kunshan L San carbonising mill

As this is what we came for, everyone was keen to start checking out the mills. We were lucky enough to have representative from Tech Wool take us to the all the mills.

Wu gave up two full days to ensure we got the most out of our visits the various mills. Everyone in the group really appreciated her being with us to add value to our experiences at each of the mills that she had organised for us to attend.

Our first mill was a carbonising mill about 2hours outside Shanghai, we were welcome by the mill owner who spend time explaining the process and showing us around the mill. He was delighted as this was the first time actual woolgrowers had visited his mill. 

It was amazing to be able to get up close to all the processes, there is no way this could have happened in Australia due to OH& S regulations.

After Don presented the excited mill owner with a hat and boomerang we headed back to town for lunch. The place Wu chose for lunch was amazing and was huge, there were many many private dining rooms all with amazing decor. Wu ordered an array of mostly seafood dishes of which the crab was my favourite.

John and Sharpy reviewing John’s test results
 while standing in a mill in China – Technology

Sharpy talking to Tom Elder about his wool – 

After lunch we headed to a textile exhibition and show, where we spent an hour or so before boarding the bus to be taken to a tailor where many of the group ordered items from suits to jackets and shirts. I was able to pick up a very nice piece of material which I will have made into a jacket at some stage.

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