New York Day 3 – Yankees and Beckham

Today we were looking forward to going to a Yankees game tonight.

We headed to times Square early this morning to watch part of Good Morning America. We arrived in time to be right on the barrier behind the set in the street. Only the invited soccer kids were in front of us.

The segment was you guessed it a soccer segment with David Beckham and Thierry Henry. We had to wait for awhile but it was worth it. I got to meet Robin Roberts and she is a tall as she seems on TV. She was really good with all the crowd and spent ages talking to everyone.

The segment we are near the girl waving the Canadian flag …hard to see but we were there!!!
Watch the segment


After the show we headed to Stage Deli for brunch. This deli was old style and the staff had been there for a long while. It really gave the sense that nothing had changed inside for many years. The food was good and the service was even better.

After our meal we wandered back towards the hotel to rest up for the game. I headed to Macy’s for w quick shop and picked up some good sale items. It was starting to rain by the time I headed back to the hotel.

We set off around 4pm but it was raining heavily and getting a cab was proving difficult. 20000+ cab and not one to be had for any money.  We decided to have coffee and wait for an hour and see what happens.



Nothing changed so we headed back to the hotel and found that the game was delayed by the rain. In the end we gave up and went to bed NO Yankees game was a disappointment but glad we didn’t get to the stadium and find out.  As it turned out they eventually played but it was very late when they started, we would never have sat at the ground waiting. Next time!!!!

2 thoughts on “New York Day 3 – Yankees and Beckham

  1. Thanks Annette We are having a great trip. Yes it will be hard to come home. I am a bit behind on posts we are in Columbus Ohio attending the State Fair.. Deep fried anything!!!!! anyone


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