LA again….

It seems we have been in LA many times as anywhere but here we are again. The weather is wonderful and it feels so nice to see decent sunshine and enjoying the 20c plus temperatures especially after the last few weeks. It will hopefully help us to acclimatise somewhat before we head home to the heat. Ian said he will never complain about the heat again…I give him two days, three at the outside before it’s too hot and he can wait for winter.

Our flight from New York was uneventful and we very smoothly made easier by staying close to JFK in a very nice La Quinta. Best part it only cost $20 because I had earned enough loyalty points from other stays and managed to get a free night (exception taxes). It had recently been renovated and water very comfortable.

We decide as we are in Los Angeles we should visit the Walk of Fame etc. We had picked up a car at the airport on the previous night so getting there was easy with trusty Tom. We had a pleasant day wandering around and check out the Kodak Theatre (Oscars) and other attractions. On the way home, we headed to the coast and drove from Venice beach down past Del Rae marina. I have never seen so many watercraft tied up in one place. It was incredible to think of how many people own boats here. I guess lots of money, water and sunshine are key factors.


The next day we headed to Disneyland which was fun and we put in a full day. It was good but maybe not quite as good as the Orlando Disneyland but still well worth the money. We didn’t go to other parks in the complex just Disneyland.








The weather was perfect and we walked all day before boarding the train for one last ride around the park before heading home to an Italian dinner. We found this place on our first night in from New York and it was outstanding so we thought it fitting to have our last dinner here.

Tomorrow we check out and return the car before flying out to Oz at 10.30pm and the trip will be done.

First, we have to pack and getting everything it will be fun. Each case must be under 23kgs and that is the challenge.

We land at 8.30am Sunday 17th and should be home at lunchtime.

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