Roosevelt Hotel New York

Our home for the next 5 nights. Ian drove from Washington to New York, uneventful trip and

even managed to drive down Broadway and Fifth Ave on the way to the hotel. Although we felt like the odd one out a bit with all the yellow cabs. Apparently, they are more than 2000 in Manhatten and yes I think they we all going our way.

After dropping mum and the bags to the room Ian and I headed to JFK to deliver the rental car back. We caught the Skytrain to Jamaica Station then boarded the metro to Penn Station. We arrived at Penn and decided to walk to the hotel it wasn’t too cold walking and we enjoyed the exercise. We headed to a little deli near the hotel for dinner.

The next morning we walked to Rockefeller Plaza and caught the hop on hop off bus to do the downtown loop. It was freezing fortunately the bus was covered in but not good for photos. We left the bus at the Empire State building and headed towards the top, after a quick security check we were on our way up. The weather was very clear so we could see for miles. After the Empire State building, we headed across the street to spend a bit of time in Macy’s. Back on the bus for the rest of the downtown loop and getting colder by the minute. We had a good day but were pleased to see the hotel and hot showers.

Didn’t feel like going out or dinner so order in Chinese which arrived what seemed like mere minutes after we ordered it. The next day we worked out they deliver using bikes which is how they get through the traffic so quickly. It was delicious and my wonton soup was the best.

The next morning we walked to where we could catch the Hop on Hop off bus for the uptown loop. This took up both sides of Central Park and past the Museum (we had complimentary tickets so decided to take a look) it was interesting and a good place to warm up before the last part of the loop back to Fifth Ave. We left the bus at Fifth Ave and walked along Fifth till we got to 46th street (back entrance to the hotel) It was interesting and looks of great shopping where the plastic could be melted into an unrecognizable state if shopping was the go. Too cold for me but saw a couple of places I would visit tomorrow. The concierge got us reservations at Becco’s for lunch tomorrow, can’t wait it is supposed to be fantastic. We walked up to a Pizza place on Fifth Ave for dinner. It was really good, so good I went back for a second slice. The slices are like a small pizza at home.

Today we were going to take the two-hour circle line cruise but 10am came around too soon and we thought 4pm would be too late for us as it was a two-hour tour. We walk down Fifth again to Macy’s, I picked up some sports shirts for the boys at NBA store on the way.

We made it to Macy’s and spend three hours exploring the store before walking down Broadway until we hit 46th St again and headed to Becco’s for the best Italian I had outside of Italy. Two bottles of wine later and stuffed full of pasta we waddled back up 46th through Times Square to our hotel. Definitely, no dinner needed.

Sarah this breaks all early bird records dinner at 2pm in bed by 5pm asleep soon after.

Our final full day in New York we finally got motivated enough to make the 10am Circleline cruise and to our surprise and delight, it was heated inside. A good thing because the ice was forming in the Hudson and it was a whopping -7c at 11am halfway through the cruise. The ferry had to break through the ice near the wharf to get underway, tour guide suggested that the river would freeze right over if the cold keeps up much longer. The cruise was again very informative and well worth doing we cruise around the downtown area, the statue of Liberty and up the east river under the Brooklyn bridge and back again. After the cruise, we caught a taxi back to the hotel and rested up for dinner. We had a dinner reservation at Benjamin’s Steakhouse at 6pm.

What can I say about dinner it was terrific the service was outstanding and we decided to go with the house specialty Porterhouse for three. The plate can out with two of the thickest T bone steaks I have ever seen which had been aged for a minimum 25 days. It was sliced in filet pieces and cooked to perfection. The waiter served it at the table and we had creamed spinach and mash as sides. This was a memorable meal and I will have to go back when next in New York. Mark and Frank McKillop eat your heart out.

Will add pics from LA flying there now

One thought on “Roosevelt Hotel New York

  1. The Roosevelt provides meeting space as well, perfect for small retreats, conferences or receptions.

    This place is surrounded by the finest shopping in the Northwest, including Nordstrom's flagship store, Macy's, Nike Town and the fabulous Pacific Place Shopping Center, with Barney's of New York, Barnes and Noble, J. Crew, Tiffany's, Victoria's Secret, Coach, Chico's, Movie Theaters and a host of delightful specialty stores. Game-works is next door along with a multiplex theater. Live theater is in our neighborhood, including the Paramount, ACT and 5th Avenue Theaters.


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