Lancaster Harrisburg and Gettysburg

We left Philadelphia behind and headed towards Lancaster PA via Valley Forge (The place Washington marshalled his army). It was a nice drive throught the parkland and on this snowey day it is easy to see why half of his men froze to death during a very cold winter. The drive to Lnacaster was uneventful, when we arrived we drove around and saw some of the armish people in their buggys.

Lancaster was much bigger than we expected but was interesting. After a late lunch we headed towards Harrisburg where we planned to spend the night. No dinner needed after lunch but Ian and I did a quick coffee run to Maccas which was a few doors up from the hotel. Too cold to walk we drove a rediculous 100 yards but figured the coffee would be cold if we carried it home on foot. What did Ian order…a thick shake!!!! What was he thinking!!!

Next morning we set out for Gettysburg which was on our way back to Washington. As it was early when we got to Gettysburg the quaint little shops we still closed but it looked like a very interesting place. We visit the Gettyburg information centre and checked out the displays but did’t take the battlefields tour as it was very cold and we didn’t want to get back to WWashington too late as the car was due back today. Car delivered back to Baltimore on time and Ian and I caught the bus then train back to Washington where mum was waiting in our hotel (home for next four nights). Our connection from the bus to the train was at Greenbelt, the station was in the open on top of a hill the wind was howling and it was dark by 5pm, pleased to say the train came in 3 minutes after we got up on the platform or otherwise we would have frozen to death. Trip to hotel uneventful.

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