Tucson to San Diego in a day

We decided to drive from Tuscon to San Diego in one day (about 400 miles or 660 km). Like driving from Sydney to Nyngan. The drive was good up to lunchtime when the heavy rain set in and driving across the range was tricky, Ian was up to it and we arrived safely at our hotel by about 4pm.  We saw three rollovers on the way down due to drivers going to0 fast and braking too sharply in the slippery conditions.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel in Yuma to break the journey. This is Ian’s favourite eating place and he has been hanging out for the opportunity to sample their meals. Yuma is nestled in the Yuma and Gila valleys of southern Arizona on banks of the Colorado River.

With three days in San Diego, it was worth pushing on to get the opportunity to rest up a bit and catch up on washing and other chores. We are staying at a La Quinta on the outskirts of San Diego, again a great hotel at the right rate.

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