The gunfight at OK corral

We dedicated today to visiting Tombstone. Tombstone is a city in Cochise County, Arizona, United States, founded in 1879 by Ed Schieffelin in what was then the Arizona Territory and is the site of the famous gunfight at OK Corral. Tombstone is 70 miles south of Tucson and well worth the trip.

Without tourism, there would be no Tombstone, everything is designed and relies heavily on the tourism dollar. They got some of mine as I purchased a very nice barrel pendant and earrings made by the Navaho Indians using corral and jade. We walked the boardwalk that Wyatt Earp and his five brothers walked on in the 1880’s and had lunch at Big Nosed Kate’s Saloon. Saw the spot that Doc Holliday supposedly met his end.

We even had a ride in a stagecoach. This one was only pulled by two horses but still gave us a good feel of what it was like to be transported in the old west. The coach would have carried eleven people and their luggage. The trip from San Fransisco was 22 days and two and a half days from Tombstone to Tucson, the closest railhead to Tombstone. Most coaches were pulled by six or eight horses that were changed along the way.

All in all, this was a fun day and very interesting.

Footnote: Apologies for the delay in posting, the wireless in La Quinta San Diego was a bit flaky so I waited until we got the San Francisco to post. Watch this space for posts in our stay in San Diego

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