LA to Las Vegas

We drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas yesterday and it was a good trip. No incidents and driving were easier than getting around Sydney especially with our trusty mate Tom or as sharpie keep referring to it Tomboy or Thomas the Tank. We could not get over the sparseness of the Mojave desert and lack of trees between LA and LV. We are arrived at about 4pm and checked into Paris Paris Hotel. Parking was free another thing that does not happen in Sydney. With only a short stop in Barstow for a coffee at Maccas and another pit stop at a rest area, the trip was only about fours hours.

Last night we headed to the buffet in Paris and for $22 I ate more snow crab and prawns than I’ve ever seen, topped my meal off with banana and apple crepe. Yum!! Everyone ate too much and needed a walk along the strip to work some of the dinner off. We wandered for a couple of hours and watched the Bellagio fountain and back to the room to turn in.

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