We’ve arrived and all in one piece

Arrived in LA at 9.50am on Sunday morning which was five hours before we left. The A380 what can I say, the quietest flight, the best food, the best crew and all on the newest largest plane I have ever seen. The flight was terrific and seemed to go quickly, usually does for those of us that sleep well on a plane. Excellent onboard entertainment including tail webcam which allowed us to watch the takeoff and landing like never before. The non-plane sleepers are sleeping now in our room at the La Quinta Hotel which is no more than 10 minutes from LAX. We will rest up today and collect our thrifty rental car (100 yards down the road) tomorrow and head for Las Vegas.

The news has reported dust storms in Arizona and snow in San Diego so we are in for a interesting trip weather wise. Today sunny and 24c.

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