Tuesday 8th April – Rome to Florence on the Italy Euro Star

Up early to pack up and get over to Termini to catch our first train. The station is very organised and it is easy to locate your train and access the correct platform. The train ride (2 hours) to Florence was fantastic and was very comfortable albeit we were travelling 1st class. This was our first real opportunity to get a look at the countryside in Italy. The vistas are beautiful and with spring in the air things were green as far as the eye could see. We arrived in Florence at 11am and found our hotel with out any trouble. It was only around the corner from the station. After an early check in we headed for the trusty Hop on Hop off bus located on the other side of the station. We purchased our 24hour tickets (covers both bus routes) and settle back to see Florence. Wow even as an older city than Rome it is certainly a prettier city with more gardens, green shrubbery and trees. The views from up the hill looking back over the city were staggering. We spent a very full day exploring the city and checking out all the usual tourist spots. We stopped by a restaurant close to the hotel for dinner ….the pasta was excellent and the coffee what can I say….it is superb and HOT not like the wishy washy half cold before you get it coffee we have in Sydney. We all turned and planned to have a lie in tomorrow before completing our bus tours from 10am.

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