Glasgow and Loch Lomond – Snippet of Scotland

We decided to take a drive to Loch Lomond and then come back to Glasgow for the day. Using the GPS we set out via the back roads to the Loch. It snowed, rained, sleeted and was sunny, that was just the first half an hour, it continued this way all day.

We saw some very beautiful country and drove up over the Duke range and back again. I can’t believe there were so many people out hiking; I thought it was a Dr (DeCourcy) thing, apparently not. Still not my cup of tea I prefer the sights as we drive by.

We headed back to Glasgow arriving at lunchtime and parked in the city centre with ease. After lunch (we knew we would regret it tonight) we set off to look around. The have a huge shopping centre in the mall with countless shops. Most of the shops are same as at home but it was nice to look around just the same.

I am surprised at the number of American stores such as GAP and TGI Fridays there are in Great Britain. At about 3pm set off to find the car, it good job one of the three of us has a sense of direction, that’s all I can say. Arrived home again at 4.30 in yet another flurry of snow but it was not a cold as yesterday. After another beautiful meal and it was time to sort out the bags for our journey to Ireland tomorrow. A
ll in all enjoyed our visit to Scotland. Albiet just a small snapshot- we will be back…..

More time needed to go further north next time

4 thoughts on “Glasgow and Loch Lomond – Snippet of Scotland

  1. Hi guys. Looks like a good time being had by all. Watch out for the black ice on the roads when it gets really cold. I’d be hiking too if I had to wear kilts!If you get the chance see Loch Ness; it has a great sense of place.


  2. Ange, I hope that football jersey is keeping you warm! You’ve got to love four seasons in one day. I agree with dragonfan…you’ve got to visit Lochness! Safe travels.


  3. Out of the three of you, I bet it is Sharpie that has the best sense of direction. Enjoy Ireland…make sure you have a couple of pints of Guiness…it tastes so much better in Ireland!


  4. hey grandma, ange and ian i hope your having a great time sounds like you are i wish grandma a happy bday on thursday and ill talk to you soon with love Kelsie and Peter xoxox


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