Enskillian Northern Ireland to Limerick

Set off for as far south as we could get today and we were aiming for Limerick with a stopover for lunch in Galway. Rained on and off today but the scenery was still very interesting. The rain let up long enough for us to have a look around Galway city centre and coffee in a shopping centre. Mum did some shopping and we were on our way again. Arrived in Limerick at about four pm and booked into the Two Mile Inn just outside the main town area. It was very comfortable and reasonably priced. No WiFi. I am having withdrawals. Tomorrow we are planning to get to Killarney but via the Cliffs of Mohor which will mean a back tracking a bit.
Din;t visit any major sights today just driving to get as far south as possible or we will run out of time

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