Safe Arrival in London – Our first trip to United Kingdom and Europe

Arrived London at 10.30am Sunday morning.

Only four hours later than scheduled due to leaving Sydney late. Original plane deemed unfit for service, replacement plane arrived in Sydney at 9pm only to have a mechanical problem which they eventually rectified at 11pm (we on the plane waiting). Pilot then had to wait for special permission to fly out after curfew.

At 11.25pm our 5.50pm flight eventually lifted off.

Not a good start Qantas especially when in-flight entertainment failed and was out of action for the flight. Otherwise we had a good trip luckily for Qantas the food and service was good all through the flight.

Glad I wasn’t paying business or first class prices as they had the same problems as us but paid a premium.

Comfort Inn Kensington is very good and we are happy with the room. We walked to near by tavern for Fish ‘n chips and an ale for dinner. Rested up and had very good nights sleep and everyone feeling fresh and ready for day two.

2 thoughts on “Safe Arrival in London – Our first trip to United Kingdom and Europe

  1. Howdy Ang! Looks like the trip started well!!? We are jsu getting the 5 latest new release DVD’s from Blockbuster- $1 each…Hope you had some good books on the plane! Have a greta time


  2. Gee Thanks JohnI only just got the significance of the Block B comment. See travel hasn’t broadened my mind just made it mushier,Havin’ a great time, Ange


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