Hollywood, Basketball, Universal Studios and Rodeo Drive

Hollywood and Universal Studios

The next few days we headed to Hollywood before heading back for three more nights at Disney in lieu visit to Las Vegas which we decided to put off until another trip.

We set off after an iHop breakfast of pancakes and bacon.  It was decided we would call in at the Citadel Outlets on the way to our hotel in Hollywood.

Getting a reasonable hotel in Hollywood is no easy task, I alway recommend travellers stay up near universal and do day trips down to Hollywood Boulevard and Rodeo Drive.  The other alternative it to purchase and ticket on the Hop on Hop Off bus and it will allow you to visit all the areas without having to stay in the area.

Back to our visit to Citadel Shopping outlets, located on I5 they were about halfway between Disney and our Hotel in Hollywood.  Ollie was a asleep within minutes of getting in the car so I was happy

The best way to do ‘The Outlets’

to park the car and let him sleep while the others shopped.  As we didn’t was to be stuck in peak traffic we set off by 3pm to find our new home for the next 3 nights.

The traffic was heavy but not unreasonably so, my trusty navigators were on the job and we arrived at The Moment Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. A boutique hotel located along the world-famous Sunset Blvd, the Moment Hotel
Just a short five-minute walk to the famed Sunset Strip and Hollywood Walk of Fame we provide a unique one-of-a-kind Hollywood experience for guests traveling on vacation or for business. Features the chic flair of Hollywood, the modern style of LA, and the laid-back vibe of Southern California in one cutting-edge and minimalist package.

Stop number 2 of Hop on Hop Off Bus – Red Route is right across the road.

No1 Duck at it again!!!!!

After checking in we headed out to find some dinner near the Hollywood walk of Fame.

The boys were equally shocked, as I was on my first visit here, at how grubby this place was, not a sign of the glitz and glamour we all expect of Hollywood.  Dinner was at the Hard Rock Cafe, nothing to write home about but that could have more to do with how tired everyone was.  After a walk around the area we called it an early night.

Not a happy boy –
Loves his new mate

Everyone hoping Ollie would sleep without biting his tongue tonight. Sarah was running on Empty as Ollie has has some many bad nights biting his tongue in his sleep waking up screaming.

No such luck, he actually drew blood a few times in the night and his poor tongue was so sore. After a rough night we decided to hang in the hotel for the day to let Sarah catch up a bit and rest the kids up.  Chris and Charlie headed across the road to Ralph’s (a supermarket) to pick up some food and drinks.  Sarah, Ollie and Emily slept for most of the day.

In the evening we decided to head up to Universal for dinner at place that Charlie visited previously. The Saddle Ranch Chop House was excellent and just as Charlie remembered it, sure to become a favourite of ours.

It was decided that we would have another lazy start to the day tomorrow with a drive to Rodeo drive for lunch. 

Another rough but a little better night for Ollie, so after a sleep in we drove down and parked at No 2 Rodeo Drive, can’t beat the the valet parking so worth it. We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory it was just a short wait to get in and needed to back back in time for the boys to go to basketball game.

Basketball was a bust as the main player boys came to see sat that night much to their annoyance and that of basketball fans everywhere, boys paid top dollar for good seats only to not see the best players play.
Still a good game but not what they paid for.

Our day at Universal Studios.

It was decided that after a rest up everyone was ready to tackle Universal Studios, highly recommend this as a day out for the family. Future visits we will be sure to stay up near Universal most probably

at the Hilton so that we can make full use of all the facilities around the park. Many food options and shopping opportunities to explore.

We opted for the ‘Front of line’ one day pass, a little bit more expensive but so worth it especially on busy days.  Ollie was in full flight after a couple of better night’s sleep and ready to visit all the characters.
Shrek was right there after we entered and Ollie and Emi held court with him for ages, they loved donkey sticking his head out as well.
We spent the day walking and walking, had lunch in the Moe’s bar it was good. They had the system worked out to keep the crowd moving. We landed a great table almost immediately which only enhanced our experience.  
After lunch it was off to meet Homer and the simpson characters, the kids loved this and the characters loved the kids especially since they were wearing their hats again.
The boys and Sarah did most of the rides and Emi did the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride with them.  Ollie and I found a shady spot outside and he just wandered around and amused everyone with his pluto hat.
We head to the lower level, a must do, only if the escalators are working, there is no way without them. It is a very steep descent but gives a great view over the city below. The kids said the best ride is down on this level called (to be added)
While Chris Sarah and Charlie were riding the bigger rides the kids and I spent time in the play area where Ollie had a nap before making friends with all the other kids and playing for ages.  It was a great section, only one way out so Grandma parked herself here and rested while they played.
After more rides then it was ice cream and donuts time. While the big kids got in a few more rides before we called it a day.  The boys were hoping to get to another game of basketball on the way back to Anaheim but we left the park a little too late. The gave it a miss as they were going to miss some of 1st quarter, of course it turned out to be a great game. We were all checkin at the Hilton to watch the last quarter and the boys hit the room service and Sarah and I decided we would make do with snacks from bard downstairs.  Everyone crashed pretty early and waited to see how Ollie would go.
Room Service

Not good was the answer, CVS was the answer get got some gel to numb his tongue so he managed a full day’s sleep with grandma the next day…

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