Buenos Aires Iguazu Falls and flying home….and the trip in review

Another day doing the rounds of of town, again the group split into smaller groups some of the girls decided to do Blue loop on the Hop on Hop off bus before meeting up with another group  at the art museum.  The blue route was interesting and gave us a chance to see the university, the amazing Río

Salado river which is as wide as a lake. The river is about 290 kilometres (180 mi) long, and it widens from about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) at its source to about 220 kilometres (140 mi) at its mouth. It forms part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay.

After lunch the boys arrived at the hotel and after bit re sorting of the rooms everyone settled in for the remainder of our time in this amazing city. The girls were keen to show the boys around a bit before everyone made their own arrangements for dinner.

Next morning it was of to Arundu saddle shop, coffee  at Labiela under enormous fig tree  and a visit to the extensive and somewhat creepy Recoleta Cemetery however this is not a normal cemetery.

It is a spectacular mausoleum filled with breathtaking sculptures, carvings and of course, Evita’s grave. It is well worth spending a morning at this FREE attraction.

Most couples did their own thing during the afternoon and came back together with group for dinner at nearby Barbarobar tapas restaurant, the food was good and of course true to form Colin produced novelty the now what has become expected novelty gags to the amusement of the whole group.

The following morning it was an early start for every as the group was splitting up most going to Iguazu falls and 5 going to Uruguay.  The group that went Uruguay travel by ferry and visited Montivideo, walked a lot, attended a concert and had a great steak dinner by all accounts.

The two and half hour flight was uneventful and we landed in the tiny airport not falls and from our hotel. After a quick check in to our spectacular falls view rooms we headed off to our first viewing of these magnificent falls, it was a fair walk out to the devil’s throat but worth every step to see this wonder of the world.

The last part of our day was climbing down a godzillion steps to board a our boat ride under the falls.  If we were climbing out the same way many of us had concluded we may just have stay down at rivers edge forever… Fortunately after an amazing ride under the falls where most of us got wet and the Elder’s got absolutely drenched it was a pleasant ride down river to leave the boat at place that meant an easier climb out, a few of us very relieved to collapse into out seat on back of trick for ride back to hotel.  Everyone made own arrangements for dinner.

Those going to Brazilian side of the falls had to be down stairs early the next morning. The rest of us had a lovely lie in followed by a very leisurely breakfast while waiting to set off to airport to meet the others and fly back to Buenos Aires for our last night in town.

The final dinner was festive occasion with so much food and good wine flowing, we were last to leave the restaurant and it was a good thing that our flight home wasn’t until 2pm.

The group were all pleased to be heading home and gathered in the foyer for the last bus to the airport with loads of time to spare..

It was good of our guide Horta to bring his family along to meet us before helping us get to the airport.

 The flight home were uneventful, with one last pisco sour at ‘The Last Pisco Sour’ bar in Santiago during our layover.

We arrived home mid morning and were all pleased that this time so did all our bags. after saying our goodbyes it was smoothly through customs and another successful MacWool tour was done and dusted.

The group were very travel weary but with a little time at home and on reflection everyone realise the number of amazing places and people that made up our what a wonderful trip this has been.

Trip in review…..for the travel crew:

The videos from various parts of the trip.
Please make sure you are on wifi when viewing as they will use fair amount of data.

Each video is between 10 and 15 minutes.  Please click here to order a dvd  if you prefer.

1. Flying in, Santiago and Vino Casa del Bosque Chile
2. Punta Arenas, Wool Mill, Farm and Torres de Paine
3. Cruising on the Skorpios III
4. Border Crossing, Calafate, our last glacier and a farm visit
5. Río Gallegos, Puerto San Julián, more farms and hospitality
6. Puerto St Julian, El Coronel then on to Comodora
7. Comodoro Show Rivadavia, Chubut
8. Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and Flying Home

Full dinner dance movie

Play all videos at once from here

All the raw still photos – you can download those you would like to keep .  If you would these on memory stick please click here to order.

Downloading these photos: Either download individual photos or download all option
email me on cabowman302@gmail.com if you need help with downloading

MacWool Tour Photos Part 1

MacWool Tour Photos Part 2

MacWool Tour Photos Part 3

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