Old Trafford and a great series win

Old Trafford and a great series win 

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at our hotel, 
the Holiday Inn Express (able to see the Man U stadium from our room window and with 20 minute walk to Old Trafford Cricket ground, expensive (due to Soccer and Cricket being on) but well located in Salford Quays. 

We set off on foot for the ground, this turned out to be a good move (left car in hotel car park) as it was an interesting area. 

Couldn’t miss the opportunity to see the Manchester United Stadium up close was amazing, they were starting to set up for game later in the day. we joined the ever building throng heading towards the Old Trafford Cricket grounds.

What a great game we arrived in time to see all the warm ups, the ground is small so from where we were sitting we felt very close to the action being adjacent to the door of the Australian dressing room. 

Apart from when Starc hit the English Captain and the ground collectively held their breathe for what seemed like forever. 

You could hear the thud from the stands so to get away with only concussion was a good outcome. 

Strac was visibly upset, he was fielding right on the boundary near us it was great how the team looked out for him on the field and Darren Lehman came along for a quick chat and pat on the back each time he was back on the boundary between his overs (glad he kept bowling).  

As they pictures tell a story of a thousand words so enjoy.

Click to watch highlights video 

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