The Stockman’s Hall of Frame Longreach QLD

Longreach Hall of Fame and Qantas Museum

We had a bit of a lie in before heading down to the Eagles Nest cafe for breakfast, this was a real find as we had great meal and lingered over our tea until it was time to check out the Hall of Fame.

The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame is a museum located LongreachQueensland, Australia, which pays tribute to pioneers of the Australian outback. The centre is also dedicated to Australian stockmen and Aborigines who have shown bravery and courage.

The founder of the Hall of Fame was artist Hugh Sawrey, a well known painter and former stockman, who
had the name registered in 1974, put up the initial funding, and enlisted supporters. His vision was to create a memorial to the explorers, overlanders, pioneers and settlers of outback Australia. This dream was shared by other outstanding Australians, including the legendary 
R. M. Williams.

Longreach was chosen as the location because of its historical role as a stock route junction and because of its current transport links.

The original information centre, a sandstone cottage built by R. M. Williams, complete with hand adzed timber and black marble floors, was restored to its original character and now houses the Hall of Fame’s growing library collection.

Growing up in the bush meant that I spent a lot of time reminiscing over the various items that were a big part of my early years, it was quite surreal take a photo of the telephone exchange box that connected our party lines with my iPhone 6+.

Seeing the wooden calf cradle (used for marking and branding calves) like the ones my dad used to build in the 60’s before he switch to steel. I remember well when he swapped away one of early cradles for a liver chestnut mare called Rosie, she was well loved part of family for many years.

There is so much to see and read about, as I more visual I will say it with photos rather than words.

Check out my YouTube video of all photos from trip
Sample below

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