The final hours before flying home

The Swistotel was a lovely hotel to stay in and they were gracious enough to allow us to check in early.  

The Swissotel Amsterdam is a four-star luxury boutique hotel located by


Dam Square, in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic city centre and a short walk from Amsterdam Central Station. The hotel is surrounded by shops, museums and restaurants and is a 20-minute drive from Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport.

We wandered around for the afternoon. We had very little for dinner as we both felt that we eaten enough in last seven days to last us for a good while.  

Our final day in Amsterdam we decided to do the red hop on hop off  tour to give this great place a final look over before boarding sour long flight home. 
We flew home via Abu Dhabi on the very good Eithad Airlines. It was a long flight but we both managed to get quite a lot of sleep and there was no-one on being plane being Easter. We were able to spread out in rows of our own on the final leg into Sydney. I was glad to be home but the trip we exactly to plan.


I was pleased were were able to see so much in such a short time and I guess the two biggest highlights was out 6 days in Switzerland and the river cruise. I know i will be doing many more of these in the future. It is a fantastic way to travel. I occasionally enjoy it when someone else takes care of all the details and I just go along for the ride. 

Need to get this posted before we set off to Fiji for a week of relaxation. The three grandsons are coming along and we are planning lots of pool time.  


Never again will I be leaving blog until I get home to write up.  It is too easy to keep putting off and before knew it we had been home for 6 months.

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