Our last stop off before the Tulip River Cruise

After six glorious days in Switzerland we are headed back to Germany and laid our heads down in Frankfurt for a couple of nights. The main purpose of this stop is to visit the historic Rothernburg.
Every year millions of people are attracted to the medieval city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. No wonder: the 12th century castle is still standing and in excellent condition. The ancient city walls still fully enclose the centre of the city, and visitors can walk on the ramparts. We walked, walked and walked then climbed down the narrow steps at the end. It was unreal to be in such ancient location on a wall that others walked many generations ago.
For centuries Rothenburg’s hospitality has been the reason for many famous people visiting the medieval city centre. Throughout its history emperors and kings were frequent vistors Today politicians and celebrities from all over the world come to Rothenburg. It is a very special city, which invites you to wander through the streets, or take a break in one of the many cafes and simply enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

The name “Rothenburg ob der Tauber” means, in German, “Red fortress above the Tauber”. This is so because the town is located on a plateau overlooking the Tauber River. While buildings within the walled city reflect the city’s medieval history, this part of the city is in many ways a normal, modern German town with some concession to the tourist trade. Many stores and hotels catering to tourists are clustered around the Town Hall Square and along several major streets (such as Herrngasse, Schmiedgasse).
more on this later 
After pleasant day resting on our direct train to Frankfurt we disembarked and headed a couple blocks away from the station to our hotel. We stayed at the Mercure Hotel which was very comfortable and the bath even came with it’s own duck. (I obtained one for Miss Emi but not knowing I was expecting another grandchild until I got home it quickly became new baby’s first gift)
After getting settled we decided to seek out some dinner and decided we could go a decent steak or similar we wandered down street and decided on Kakadu, bound to find a steak here and it was wonderful.
Breakfast in Buffet Car of train to Wazburg
As mentioned previously the main purpose for our stop off in Frankfurt was to take a day trip to Rothernburg. 

So up early and off to the station, we decided to grab a roll/pasty and coffee to have on the train for breakfast. We boarded our train but as it was peak hour and with many commuters on board we found ourselves in the buffet car, so decided to keep the rolls for later and order breakfast. It was terrific and certainly hit the spot, there is nothing like enjoying a sumptuous brekkie and watching the german countryside slide by.  

After changing trains aWürzburg Hbf we off on the last leg of our journey to Rothenburg just under 3 hours for the trip but such a great way to travel.   

We left the train and followed the crowd to the main town centre, explored a little before heading off to find the medieval wall. 

You get to experience a little of what it would have been in the good old days of this medieval village.   

The imposing defence facilities at the Spital and Röder gate served to keep away uninvited guests and impressively conveyed in the age of nuclear weapons how well deterrence in the Middle Ages worked. 

Out of all the mediaeval city-fortifications, here unfolds the most tremendous, self-contained and best-preserved cityscapes
We spent a pleasant day wandering around this quaint city with all its shops and eateries, a little focussed on the tourist trade, but this is obviously where they try to capture the tourist dollar. 

The highlights were the walk around the walk and the bear shop (where some good purchases were made for future grand babies) Although if I knew then what I know now I would have bought a few more, stocks depleted already.  

We finished the day with a gelato which was excellent before wandering back to the station to catch the train back to Frankfurt. I would encourage anyone that has the chance to stop by Rothenburg as is a little bit magical.

Meanwhile enjoy the views around Rothenburg, before the post continues below

Grandma give the new knees a good workout

Very steep and very worn from the footsteps of hundreds of years

After early breakfast the next morning we walked down to find red bus starting point, which we eventually did but in doing so stumbled across the The Römer building.

The Römer (German surname, “Roman”) is a medieval building in the Altstadt of Frankfurt am Main,

Germany, and one of the city’s most important landmarks. The Römer is located opposite the Old St. Nicholas church and has been the city hall (Rathaus) of Frankfurt for over 600 years. The Haus Römer is actually the middle building of a set of three located in the Römerberg (a plaza).

As we had to wait until 10am for first bus to take off we settled into a Italian cafe on the square for coffee and a waffle (no lunch needed today) . The owner was a funny little guy who was in no rush about anything but the waffle was good.

Onboard we decided we only had time to do the lap around the red route before walking back to the hotel and check out. Some of the sights along the way were interesting but certainly with a financial flavour.  

We passed by Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany. The twin towers are sometimes nicknamed debit and credit. All in all Frankfurt would be worthy of another visit if in the area. 

We boarded our final train for our journey into Amsterdam which was a direct train meaning that we could sit back and enjoy the 4 hour trip in comfort and in a fairly empty carriage.

The day ended with challenges before a highlight and relief. When we left the train, it took me awhile to sort which direction we needed to go to get to hotel I could see it but navigating the canals and deadened proved annoying. To top things off the wheel on my bag decide to give up the ghost so became drag instead of a bag.  

By the time we were approaching the hotel the light rain had become small hail and boy we were please to step inside the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre. This hotel was the meeting point of the cruise so I decide this was the place to book for our pre cruise night. The relief was that I could now hand of all the planning organising and thinking about arrangements to the cruise staff for next 7 days. The highlight was our room with a spectacular view of the river IJ and a hot shower. Oh and the room service trolley was a welcome sight. Excited about cruising tomorrow, first job go and buy a new bag. 

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