Where the magic happens…. Disney

Our time in Vegas had come to an end Chris and Sam headed back to Hawaii for a couple of days before heading home. Mum and I left for Orlando at 5pm after one last buffet lunch with Charlie and Megan at the Paris Paris.

Charlie, Megan, Sarah and Dan were due to fly overnight and arrive at 10am. We all met again at the Royal Caribbean Resort and were delight that we had been upgraded to a beach view room complete with hammocks (no time to try them and Charlie couldn’t get in it anyway). 
Sarah Dan mum and I headed out to Epcot around 3pm for a look at this park, the Disney World shuttle buses make getting around a breeze.  Mum and I walked as long as were could and decided to head home about 6pm before the rains came. Dan and Sare got soaked waiting to get their pictures taken with some character and came home looking like drowned rats.  After a short nap (well Charlie and Megs had a long nap) we decided to walk over to the main resort building for late dinner (9.30pm).  Everyone pretty tired by this time.  
Day 2 we set off to Magic Kingdom Park, mum and I decided to head out later in the day so we could stick it through to the end and the fireworks. We were able to get a really great viewing area for the Disney Character parade, although it was really hot at the time of the parade, thankfully it cooled down a bit later on. The others that had set off early to the park then went home in middle of the the day for sleeps. They all appeared back in time for the parade and the final show of the night. We located an excellent viewing area at about 5.30 pm and set up to wait it out until the fireworks the others joined us later and took advantage of the great spot we had secured.

It was decided (not sure who’s bright idea it was) to go to the Animal Kingdom park at opening at 9am so that we could do the animals safari ride while the animals were still active in the cooler hours. This was as great this time as it was last time. Everyone enjoyed this and we saw loads of animals. Then it was time to do the ‘ It tough to be a bug’ 3D show this too was every good as I remember and the first timers were surprised by the interactive parts of this attraction.

Mum and I then took in the Lion King show before heading home for a well earned rest. The other finished some of the rides and headed home via the water park where they swam for awhile.
Everyone getting pretty tired by this time but we were all keen for a steak dinner so we headed to Downtown Disney to locate a restaurent meal of some description, everyone done with burger, chicken strips and fries. After survy a couple of the information staff Sarah established that Paridso was the place to eat, this we did after a half hour wait for the table. The food was good and everyone enjoyed their meal. The salad dressing was a highlight although if you asked Charlie it would have been his filet mignon.
Day 4 saw Mum and I headed to the Hilton near Downtown Disney to collect our rental car and set to New York (more on that later).  The others had their final park to see which was the Universal Studios, this I think may have been their favourite park with Animal Kingdom a close second. All in all everyone enjoyed the Disney World experience but everyone looking forward easier days ahead with little or NO walking.

 Dan drove Sarah, Megs and Charlie to Miami where they checked into the Fontainebleau for the next few days of lots of relaxing and swimming planned before they fly to New York.

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