Our Last Week

We have arrived back in Abilene from our wonderful Aspen trip. We are spending this week enjoying the family and getting our gear sorted for the trip home. A few more gifts to secure then its back to Dallas to catch our flight home Saturday.

We feel very fortunate to have had such a wonderful holiday with so many highlights and great experiences.

We are now looking forward to heading home to see family and and catch up with friends. Oh I almost forgot… and get back to work.

House hunting is on the agenda as we have to find a new home in the first few weeks,  the owner of our unit wants to move back in at the end of our lease (got this news the day before we left home). We will stay in North Parramatta so unit hunting will begin day one.

Ian is keen to get back to work after his enforced three month layoff.  The rest has done him the world of good and he is really motivated about the future and looking forward to getting back in the game.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have read and provided such great feedback on this blog. The main purpose of the blog is to record our holiday notes but it is fun to be able to share this with family, friends and anyone who is interested in my ramblings.

Until we hit the road again…..au revoir

Events from home we have to catch up on are included in this post……

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