Final Planning Weeks – US Trip

Due to a number of reasons our planned trip to the US has been brought forward and extended by a few weeks.

Now leaving Sunday 10th July and returning Monday 5th September – a total of 6 weeks.  Ian starts his new job on 8th September 2011.  We are planning two full weeks in Abilene with Scott and Leonie before we fly home, a perfect way to end our trip.

I am currently in the final stages of planning. Flights have been changed (ouch) especially when I originally had return flights for the great price of $998 return Dallas. Qantas certainly make changes to flights expensive but it has been worth it for us at this time.

Sadly we will now miss Indee’s first birthday but will Skype in to be a part of all the birthday action.

For those interested, I am going to post our proposed driving itinerary here in the next couple of days. Keep in mind the only confirmed bookings are flights in and flights home so things could change as we go along

Anyone with suggestions for places to visit and things to do please add them here

This trip was originally planned to take in the Iowa State Fair, we are still going to get to the fair and it will be fun to compare it with Sydney’s own Easter show.

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