Back on the road again

We flew into Baltimore in DC yesterday and picked up the rental car before heading 40 miles down the road to Aberdeen Maryland for our first night.

After a great time in Abilene for Christmas, we felt a little strange to be on the move again. We boarded our plane in Abilene at 8am Tuesday just as the snow started to fall. After the plane was checked for a mechanical fault and a thorough de-icing of the plane we finally got off the ground at 9.45am as the snow was really getting heavy. An hour later the sky was clear and we were landing in Dallas. Lunch at TGI Fridays while waiting for our connection to Baltimore. Second flight uneventful and after shuttle ride to the rental facility we collected our Sonata and head towards Philadelphia.

After a good night, we set off to Philly arriving at our hotel at 12noon. They were able to let us have our room early so we checked in and set off to walk around the downtown area and check out the liberty bell. Lots of history here and some lovely old buildings. Tomorrow on the way out of town Ian is going to run up the Rocky steps or at least we might walk up them.

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