Paris – Day 2

We decided to start out walking towards the Opera area, picking up the bus again and heading to the Eiffel Tower. Madness had set in and we lined up for two+ hours to take the lift to the second level(another hour wait to go to the top..mad but not that mad…save top for next trip) The views were truly spectacular and we spent a long time checking out the views with what seemed like everyone else in Paris. Can’t remember the statistics of this construction but they were amazing. After the tower we headed to Notre Dame but first things first lunch, French Onion soup followed by superb steak for me… no dinner needed again tonight. We spent some time looking around the square in front of Notre Dame. Fatigue and cold was starting to set in so we climbed aboard the trusty bus to headed back to Opera area(stop nearest our hotel) A cab home was the answer to tired legs. The peak hour traffic, the drivers driving skills and constant streams of abuse of the other drivers in French. She seemed like a nice lady but boy did she give to the other taxi drivers when they grid locked a roundabout. An enjoyable day.

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