14th April Nice and then to Paris on 5.30pm train

It was pouring when we got up, the first really wet day since we left home. There have been days with odd showers and misty rain but today it was heavy rain for much of the day. We still headed out and walked along the beach and up and down a lot of the streets along the waterfront. Every street has shops in it and there is evidence that in the summer it would be a very busy place. After braving the rain for most of the morning we gave up and headed for a shopping centre for a look around and something to eat and drink. We were all feeling the cold abit and need sustenance to keep going. At about 3 we were due back at the hotel to collect our bags and head to the station. We were booked on the 5.30 train (TVG -Very fast train) to Paris. After freezing at the station we finally boarded the most comfortable train I have ever seen let alone travelled on. Better still as it was a late train there were many empty seats, the carriage had hardly anyone in it all. As it was daylight until almost nine we again were able to see much of the countryside and the start of the journey was again along the coast passing through Cannes. We arrived in Paris at 11.30pm and were tucked up in the Hotel Bellevue by midnight.

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