Thursday 3rd April Salisbury and Stonehenge

Today we retraced our steps just a short way to visit Salisbury and Stonehenge. This was well worthwhile with the Cathedral at Salisbury and Stonehenge were both impressive structures. The Cathedral is currently under going major restoration work but it was very interesting to wander around. The Cathedral is also home to a copy of the Magna Carta and the guide on hand was able to provide many interesting facts associated with this document. Of course I could tell you one of them now but they sure were interesting at the time. I do remember the restoration of the bell tower took 10 years to complete and another copy of the Magna Carta makes it home in Canberra. After a wander around the shops we headed for Stonehenge. I don’t know wether I was more impressed with the structures or the number of people that paid to walk around a few very large stones in the middle of a sheep paddock. The pastie I had was well worth the trip and seriously I did enjoy the story of how Stonehenge was suppose to have been erected. After and hour so of wandering around and the purchase of a couple of mementos it was off the St Giles hotel at Heathrow. This was our accommodation prior to return of hire car and flight to Rome.
We certainly covered a lot of country in the trusty little car. Ian calculated we had driven almost 3000 miles or 4800 kms in 14 days……not a bad effort.

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