Arrived Padstow ..Ian drove through the night

Arrived Padstow ..Ian drove through the night

Day 17 1st April  2008

After a good crossing on the ferry we headed for Padstow at 1am in the morning.

We arrived in Padstow at 8am after a couple of stops along the way for a doze and coffee. It was a good road and although it rained most of the way the drive was not too bad.

We thought we would stay in Padstow but accommodation was scare so we decided to have the day there and head back along the road towards South Hampton. At 2pm we decided to book in somewhere for the to have the afternoon off and an early night to make up for missing the previous night.

While in Padstow we had the opportunity for a good look around and we all thought it was a great place. It was humming with activity and there were a lot of holiday makers wandering through the streets and along the waterfront.

I purchased some really lovely things in a small little store in one of the side streets. After brunch in a small café we set off back down the road towards South Hampton. All asleep by 3pm .

Not a bad effort from 7am Dublin to 3pm following day
(a couple hours sleep on Ferry and some roadside naps)
We certainly covered some country since leaving Dublin the night before last.